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Keith Foskey, Pastor and Host of YourCalvinist Podcast

"Striving for Superior Theology and Denominational Unity, one joke at a time."

About Dr. Keith Foskey and his Ministry

Keith Foskey is a pastor, podcaster and humorist. He is one of three elders who pastor at Sovereign Grace Family Church in Jacksonville, Florida. Keith holds to the First London Baptist Confession of Faith (1646).

Keith is a graduate of Ashford University and Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary. He and wife Jennifer have been married since 1999, and they have been blessed with six beautiful children.

Keith is the creator of the YourCalvinist YouTube channel, where he teaches on theology, hosts podcasts and showcases comedy sketches. He is a regular guest speaker at conferences across the United States.

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YourCalvinist Podcast with Keith Foskey

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Keith Foskey is a pastor, podcaster and humorist. If you would like to learn more about Pastor Keith and his ministry at Sovereign Grace Family Church in Jacksonville, FL, please visit


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